International championship competition boxing ring

  International Championship Boxing Ring
  • Adjustable ring ropes and tape covering. (rope diamter 30mm)
    Pair of corner stools
    Stairways of steel construction with reinforced hard wood steps with non slip surface
    Set of 4 corner pads
    Set of 8 ring rope dividers
    Set of 4 ring side skirts
    Sectional plywood flooring
    Heavy Duty Durable Canvas Sizes quoted are perimeter not inside ropes
    Platform height 3ft
19ft       5795mm ( 4880mm INSIDE)
21ft       6400mm ( 5490mm INSIDE)
23ft       7015mm ( 6100mm INSIDE)
24ft       7320mm ( 6100mm INSIDE)
25,6ft    7600mm ( 6100mm INSIDE)