Floorring, Boxingring, Amateur Boxingring

12ft        3660mm (3050mm INSIDE)
14ft       4270mm ( 3660mm INSIDE)
16ft       4880mm ( 4270mm INSIDE)
18ft       5490mm ( 4880mm INSIDE)
20ft       6100mm ( 5490mm INSIDE)
  • 4x Ø24mm rope
  • Ring rope tape is supplied in three standard colours red white and blue
  • 4x corner pads are supplied complete with adjustable fastening straps. Colours supplied 2x White 1x Red 1x Blue
  • M10 rope tensioners are supplied for every rope in every corner of the ring
  • Heavy duty canvas is supplied to fit the ring. It comes in a standard colour of blue and is fitted with brass eyelets. Bungee cord is also supplied
  • High quality 15mm thick, durable shock absorbing underlay foam is used to eliminate noise, prevent injury and to protect the canvas
  • Blue, Red and White colour coded framework simplifies assembly and using a 2man team a boxing ring can be assembled in approximately 20 to 30 minutes
  • Requires no tools or equipment
  • Requires no fixings e.g. nuts bolts
  • Can be easily stored when dismantled taking up minimal space
  • The material for the main frame is heavy gauge steel 3 to 5mm wall thickness. Steel sizes are up 60x60x3mm
  • Bag hanger & Speed Ball attachments available at extra cost
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