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Boxring equipment


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D Shakle for Boxingrings

Zinc plated D Shakle for Boxingrings

1,64 EUR
foam boxingring

Boxingring Rope Foam to cover Rope for Boxingrings

2,00 EUR
2,00 EUR per Meter
Boxingring Ropes

Boxing Ring Rope 24mm - Price per Meter

5,50 EUR
Boxing Ring Rope Attachment

ring rope attachments

9,90 EUR
Rope Tensioner Cover

Rope Tensioner Cover

9,90 EUR
Rope Tensioners

Rope Tensioner M12 for Boxing Rings

10,00 EUR
rope spacer boxingring

Boxing Ring Rope Spacer

13,90 EUR
Tape Roll for Boxingring Ropes

Tape Roll for Boxingring Ropes

15,29 EUR
0,46 EUR per Meter
Boxingring canvas underlay foam

Boxingring floor underlay foam VB

26,00 EUR
13,00 EUR per m²
Roperings for boxingrings

Rope Rings Set for Boxingrings with 24mm rope

40,93 EUR
2,56 EUR per pcs
triangle for boxing ring

Triangle for boxing ring adverts

92,23 EUR
Boxingring corner pads

Burnout set of corner posts for boxing ring

195,00 EUR
boxing ring chair

Pair of Boxing Ring Chairs

256,36 EUR

Boxingring steps - modular manufactured

267,65 EUR
Printet Corner Pads for Boxing Rings

Boxing Ring Corner Pads Set with Customer Logo

295,00 EUR
Boxingring Canvas

Boxing Ring Canvas

352,00 EUR
16,00 EUR per m²
Boxingring canvas sideskirts

Boxingring Canvas Sideskirts

Price on request

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