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Burnout filled Maizeball in black

Fillled Maizeball in black

59,90 EUR
waterbag aquabag green

Water Bags Pro - diffrent colours and diffrent weights

74,90 EUR
uppercut punchbag

Uppercut Bag 80x30cm

89,90 EUR
Jumbo Maizeball Leather

Jumbo Maizeball in made of leather

99,00 EUR
Pro Box Authentic Maizeball

Pro Box Original Collection Maizeball Small

119,90 EUR
Heavy PU Maizebag

PU Maizeball 30kg

139,85 EUR
Bodysnatch Maizeball

Maizball Bodysnatch | 30kg | PU

139,90 EUR
Heavy Maizbag Pro Box

Pro Box Leather Heavy Maize Bag Red Collection

199,90 EUR
Pro Box Heavy Authentic Maizeball Leather

Pro Box Heavy Authentic Maizeball Leather

229,90 EUR
Leather Maizebag Tuf Wear

Tuf Wear Boxing Large Maize Bag Hide Leather

229,90 EUR
Wrecking Ball Boxing

Tuf Wear leather brown wrecking ball

279,90 EUR

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